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Parivar Hotel Department is one of the specialized departments of Parivar Holding, which has been operating in the hotel industry in Iran and the Persian Gulf countries since 2001. One of the most significant activities of this complex is the education and business sector of hotel management, which in 2009 with the cooperation of Shiraz University has put into operation the first hotel academy according to the latest world standard. In the commercial branch of hotel management, the department of Parivar Hotel has been able to have an independent and continuous cooperation with the Palace of Versace Hotel Dubai in 2016, in line with this cooperation, the first academy Food and beverage specialty called luxury kitchen with the presence of Mr. Mansour Memarian The beautiful and unique complex of the Palace of Versace Hotel has been set up, which is why this academy has been operating in the food and beverage sector in a completely specialized way since May 2020. All specialized courses of this academy are held in absentia and in the form of public and private courses.


Chef Mansour Memarian is recorded in history books as the first Iranian to head a Michelin-starred restaurant, a feat he achieved in 2006 at Jagdhof Glashütte — just eight months after taking over as head chef. His second came at Pavillon in Innsbruck, Austria. In a career spanning 22 years, Memarian has built on stints at some of the most prestigious hotels and dining establishments in Europe with executive positions at luxury brands in the UAE, including chef de cuisine at the Burj Al Arab’s signature restaurant, Al Mahara. He now heads all dining operations at Palazzo Versace Dubai as the director of culinary and Food & Beverage and protocols manager.

Guest card

With this card, you can buy the ingredients you need from reputable stores approved by Lux Kitchen, which is approved by Master Chef Mansour Memarian, to benefit from the better quality of your food.